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“The Vision of COALITION OF NIGERIAN APOSTOLIC LEADERS is to establish a broad network of apostles across our nation to work together for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom and aligning Nigeria with godliness.”





We plan to complete our vision by doing the following:

A. We shall create a membership of apostles across our nation. 

B. We shall network these people for greater strategic impact on our nation.

C. We shall have periodic gatherings of our membership for the purpose of         revelation, impartation, instruction and networking.

D. We shall recognize legitimate apostles in our nation and provide a place of      accountability for them.

E. We shall provide structured and meaningful opportunities for peer-level           apostles, representing both the nuclear church and the extended church         (workplace), to meet each other, build relationships, and interact with each     other on regional, national, and international levels

F. We shall develop communication vehicles to facilitate interaction among            apostles, apostolic networks, and apostolic ministries.

G. We shall provide a catalyst and help stimulate the development of creative    strategies for combining apostolic strategies with prophetic revelation on a       national basis in order to fulfill Jesus’ great commission in our nation. 

H. We shall maintain the highest possible standards of integrity of personal          character and operational methodology among our member.



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